WordPress Devops The Book. 2nd stint

Hi all,

Last September I released my first book on WordPress simply named WordPress DevOps. It’s a really long tutorial covering how you can adopt your WordPress development process to make WordPress play along nicely in a more mature development environment. You know. With a separate environments for development, testing, staging and production, testing, proper deployment scripts etc.

Right now I’m in the process of editing the book for a 2nd edition. It’s already changed a whole lot because since the first version I’ve spent a great deal of time developing a wp-cli command called WP Bootstrap that takes away lots of the gory details of managing the scripts needed. And I like to think that some of the feedback I’ve received will make the book explain some concepts better and to over-explaining some others. All in all, I think the 2nd edition will be a whole lot better.

But before I finish up this project, I’d really like to get your input on what You’d like to read more about in a book about WordPress development and DevOps. Please make your voice heard in the comments below or shoot me an email at erik@wpessentials.io Here’a few ideas to get you started:

  • Deploying to shared hosts (as opposed to a VPS with git and wp-cli installed)
  • Various deployment tools? Capistrano? Ansible (no idea if it’s a good idea)
  • More on testing. PHPUnit is a given, but how about WP_Mock? Full systems testing?
  • Working with Composer and WordPress?
  • More wp-cli tips and tricks?


Since I consider this being a 2nd edition, everyone that purchased the first version will get the free update. Customers who bought it via Leanpub will get the update automatically.  Did you buy it via Paypal? In that case we’ve got your email address already.