WP Bootstrap 0.3.1 released

Lots of spare time over the holidays means a lot of work can go into WP Bootstrap. Version 0.3.1 brings a few bug fixes and small but nice new feature

Version 0.3.0 had support for working with taxonomy terms that are named after a post id. That was a nice feature, but it turns out that the import process had to run twice for the import to work properly due to a PHP type conversion problem. The export of special taxonomies was enhanced with a WARNING message in the logs if the configuration isn’t correct.

The new feature is wp-cli related. Runnit the wp-init command generates localsettings and appsettings unless they already exist. In 0.3.1, it also creates a wp-cli.yml file that defines the path to the WordPress installation. The condition is that localsettings.json exists and that the wppath parameter in it is different from the default “[wppath]” value. So run wp-init once to get a template localsettings file and edit it. Run wp-init again to get a wp-cli.ym file.

The benefit of defining the path to WordPress in a .yml file is to reduce typing when running commands.


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