WP Bootstrap 0.2.8 released

Work with WP-Bootstrap is coming along quite fine. Since the last update, the version number have bumped from 0.2.2 to 0.2.8.


Monolog have been added for proper logging. Along with this, three new optional properties have been added to localsettings.json.

  • logpath: The path to the logfile. The file will be created if it doesn’t exist.
  • loglevel: Loglevel for the logfile. Uses one of the constants from the Monlog package; DEBUG, INFO, WARNING etc. See https://github.com/Seldaek/monolog/blob/master/doc/01-usage.md for more information. The default log level is WARNING, so if you specify a log path but no level, warnings and errors will be logged.
  • consoleloglevel: Log level for logging on the console (standard out), uses the same Monolog constants as loglevel. There’s no default for console log level, so if you don’t specify it, nothing will be logged to the console.

Media management

Also in recent releases, media handling has improved. First of all, media are included in exports if they are attached to a post. The new thing is that a featured image (that technically does not have to be attached) will also be included (and restored during import). Lastly, media that is referenced in the post text or in a widget or in a meta property of the post will also be included in the export process. When importing, these files are added to the media library.


Sidebars and widgets are now managed in the export and import process. This means.

Taxonomy terms

Last but not least. Taxonomy terms handling is much improved. Taxonomy terms no longer needs to be explictly mentioned in the export settings to get included, all that is needed is that a post is connected to a term or that a menu item refers to it. During import, taxonomy terms are added or updated and posts are tagged accordingly.



With all the above improvements, WP Bootstrap have now somewhat matured into a quite competent import/export tool for content aside from just being able to “bootstrap” an installation with plugins, themes. I’ve already been using this to do a few site migrations, like when moving content from my personal blog (http://erik.torgesta.com) to this one.

Curious? Take Wp-bootstrap for a spin, read installation instructions and most of what you need to get started over at the github page.

Questions? Use the comment field below and let me know what you think.

Next? I’ve got a post lined up that explains how to use Wp-bootstrap for moving content between installations. Stay tuned.

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