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Learn more about working with WordPress from a very technical perspective. Our blog is all about technical hot issues that we believe can make You a better WordPress developer.

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Tools & Plugins

wp-checksum and wp-bootstrap are two wp-cli sub commands that you might find useful when managing WordPress sites from the command line.

Integrity Checker is a WordPress plugin that helps You weed out potential issues before they become problems.

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New book in 2017

Testing WordPress cover

Write better WordPress Themes and Plugins

I'm putting everything I know about testing PHP code with PHPUnit into one neat little book. My goal is to help you write higher quality code for WordPress. If You want to work with tools like PHPUnit and understand how to write testable code for WordPress, this book will help you get started.

This book is currently in production due to be released in the 3rd Quarter 2017. Please sign up to my email list below to get news about the project as well as getting the occasional free chapter whenever it’s ready.

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Erik Torsner


About WordPress Essentials and me

My name is Erik Torsner and I'm the main contributor to this site. At age 44, I'm currently at 21 years of experience in the software and web development industry. I've worked as a developer, architect and project manager in many industry verticals and with tools and technologies ranging from large scale web based systems to the tiniest applications in embedded systems. I live in Stockholm, Sweden and I run a small Web/IT consulting business with mostly local clients in a fairly large range of industries.

WordPress Essentials is where I collect all things WordPress.